AS: A – Getting Started

1 – ADMIN ONLINE (20 mins)

The following is a list of tasks that should be done asap, they are essential aspects of the course.

2 – CHOCOLATE BOX (30 mins)

In preparation for your AS studies, you are expected to complete some initial research. In order to do this you will need to complete the following:

  • Collect 2 examples of chocolate or confectionery packaging, one MUST BE a card box and the other MUST BE a plastic box (make these as varied as possible to allow for thorough analysis – and don’t just buy rubbish examples. This is YOUR A-level, so it is worth a little investment.
  • Check out the Pinterest Food Packaging Pinboard for some gorgeous examples
  • Deconstruct (pull apart) the package in order to analyse your product.
  • DO NOT throw the packaging away, keep it, we will to photograph it for your coursework.

3 – Product Analysis (4-6hrs)

This task requires you to annotate within a MS Word Writing Frame, (click to download). This work will be included within your coursework; your work will need to be presented, as a printed word document, before you sign up in September. Ensure you put in the effort befitting of A-Level, as your sign up will depend on the quality and effort evident within the document.

  • Download the Writing Frame.
  • Next, analyse each piece of packaging against the criteria within the Writing Frame. Include keywords to ensure technical detail. Word counts and guidance can be found within the Writing Frame. Word counts should be seen as a minimal expectation.
  • *** NOTE: You must annotate within the word writing frame table


This task requires that you source a series of images in order to create a mood board when you return.

  • Create a folder on a USB stick called MoodboardS
  • Use your new Pinterest account to create a Chocolate Packaging pinboard, it could include: creative packaging, aesthetically pleasing packaging, pattern, colour, typography, shape etc.
  • Collect/save 30 images into your USB/Moodboard folder. It is very important that you drag and drop the images into the folder and not into a powerpoint. We will use these images to make a moodboard on your return.


Any questions, tweet me @welovedt or email me a.roper-newman (followed by the standard outwood email domain).

Have you:

  • Created your own Twitter, Pinterest accounts and followed welovedt
  • Bought the Coursework Book
  • Bought two examples of chocolate packaging (not rubbish like Cadbury’s Roses)
  • Analysed the two packages, use the writing frame
  • Collected moodboard images on a USB