A2: Work Over Half Term


  1. Watch the Norwich Code 6 episode of Grand Designs and note down every issue of sustainability and how they solved it — this will help your developments be ultra sustainable. There is a lot, you need to write it down. This episode is a gift from the gods!!!! We will check for these – we want to see that you have done this research.
  2. Write up Development Page 1 – Floor Plans. Use the Writing Frame which can be found on the A2: Develop Page
  3. Draw your Floor plan on google sketch up, using the Architectural Design-Metres Template. Save three versions of your floor plan and make 3 Google Sketchups at a 1:1 Scale ie. draw a room 4×4 metres and pull it up, then group it) You are simply exploring form. Each version should be no longer than an hours work. You can look at the Google Sketch up Video Tutorials page (LINK TO BE ADDED SOON)

The above is about 5 hours work


You also need to consider your upcoming deadlines for the design and Review sections – due friday after half term.