A2: Summer Homework 2016

Task 1

You need to finish Section A

  • Client & Brief
  • Moodboards
  • Case Studies
  • Materials

Task 2

Watch as many Grand Design episodes as you can

Task 3

You need to produce at least 4 different house/building/ideas in sketchup – up to 4hrs per model (REMEMBER TO GROUP OBJECTS). These should be simple white forms, do not worry about texture or materials. Upon your return we will sketch, model and present these forms so the more detail you put in now, the more detail your models will have, the higher your marks.

  • Download Google Sketchup make (Link below)
  • Use the template: Architectural Metres
  • If your drawing is snapping to sqaure metres, goto Window > Model Info > Units and length snapping to 0.01m
  • Save your Document

Sketchup Sizing

  • Max Land Area – 30×21 metres (Draw a rectangle and group)
  • External Walls – 300mm / 0.3m (this will scale down to )
  • Internal Walls – 150mm / 0.15m
  • Ceiling/Room Height – 2500-2750 mm / 2.5-2.75m (Be consistent)
  • Window Frames (not holes) – 100 or 150mm / 0.1 or 0.15m (Be consistent)