A2: Intro

Task 1: Grand Designs

Watch 7 Grand Designs episodes and make notes (2 of these will be your case studies).

Pick your favourite 2 and make notes (these will be your case studies – section A). You need to makes notes with regards to the Function, Limitations, Materials, Processes, Sustainability and other Key Terms. If you don’t get the key terms and technical details, you can’t write to the required level.

  • You must watch this one: Norwich 2014 Sustainable Home
  • I Would recommend this one: Hertfordshire 2011 Facit Home
  • The others are up to you but they must be modern builds (I would really recommend searching for sustainable homes or Huf Haus)

Task 2: Client

This needs to be a real person. They must have real architectural ‘needs’ for their Grand Design. It could be someone in your family but you need a clear brief that relates to this client eg.

Boris needs a four bedroom home to accommodate his family but with a generous studio space for his graphic design business.

Task 3: Moodboard Images

You need to create 3 Pinterest Boards for the bullets below. You can look at some of mine here https://uk.pinterest.com/welovedt/

  • Modern Architecture (20)
  • Architectural Sketches (10)
  • Construction and Elements eg. Windows, Roof, Balcony, Frame, Joining, Brick work, Anatomy etc (20)

Task 4: Architectural Theory

Read the documents on this post. They give you a fantastic overview of architectural and art theory that will allow you to annotate at a higher level. Architectural Theory and Key Terms

Task 5: Case Studies

Go to this post for all the information Case Studies