A2: Pre September

Check you have completed the initial tasks

  • Follow WE❤DT on Twitter.
  • Follow Mr_tzc on Twitter.
  • Follow WE❤DT on and Mr_tzc on Pinterest. Create an account and start pinning things you like; create different pin boards to organise your files.
  • Create a user account for WE❤DT (use a memorable password); as a registered user you can keep track of your quiz submissions and also comment on posts.
  • Purchase the equipment on the Equipment List

Ensure you have completed the following coursework

Section A:

Section B:

Your Homework

  • Use your newly created Pinterest account to create 2 pin boards, you need to at least 30 images of architectural influence and 30 images of a particular design movement.
  • Download Google Sketchup Make for educational use
  • Use Google Sketchup to create at least 4 initial building ideas (approx 2-3 hrs each). Do this tutorial first, it has four lessons and it will make life easier.