A2: C Design Ideas


  1. Create a PP with different views of sketchup and edited ideas.
  2. Decide on the materials and processes you will use for the design
  3. Find diagrammatic evidence of sub-processes – materials – structural details – sustainability processes etc and add to PP THE EXAMINERS LOVE SUB PROCESSES!!! You can follow Mr_TZC on pinterest and his boards Building Materials and Building Textures
  4. Add material texture or details to areas ie individual studies – see above links
  5. On the PP – label all the areas with the architectural terminology
  6. Print A3 PP slide and trace all elements // examples of gorgeous sketches in particular this one and this one. Find your own style.
  7. Scan into the computer and place in indesign
  8. Read the Architectural Theory Presentations, look back at your research and Grand Designs for terminology. Remember – your design sheets should be full of technical language.
  9. Use indesign to add notes as per the Writing Frame Guidance
  10. Use in design to add details from google sketchup to support the design idea.
  11. Repeat to create 4 design sheets.

Other useful links: