A2: 01 A Case Studies

The case study is a really useful way to starting to think about your building. It will help to identify all the features that need to be included, what is good or bad, how to improve on things, etc.  It is important to have a clear structure and include the necessary information. Please read my guiance – it has example sentences. Alos, use Kevin McCloud’s observations to drive this.

  1. Look at the three presentations on the Architectural Theory post, for key terminology and theory to support your work. They are heavy, but informative.
  2. Find a Grand Designs Episode(preferably a sustainable modern build) as your first case study. nb. Use CTRL+F (or CMD+F) to quickly find key terms eg. Sustainable.This will save you from having to read every episode guide.
  3. Read this example Huf Haus Case Study
  4. Download the Writing frame to guide your annotations
  5. Use the Word Case Studies Template to write up your work under the correct headings – we will later copy each box to the Indesign file.
  6. This is a gorgeous post: Architectural Form