A-Level: 01 – Summer Project

Task 1 – Grand designs

Watch 8 Grand Designs episodes and make notes (2 of these will be your case studies – see task 4).

  • You must watch this one: Norwich 2014 Sustainable Home
  • I Would recommend this one: Hertfordshire 2011 Facit Home
  • The others are up to you but they must be modern builds (I would really recommend searching for sustainable homes or Huf Haus)

Task 2: Moodboard Images

You need to create 3 Pinterest Boards for the bullets below. You can look at some of mine here https://uk.pinterest.com/welovedt/

  • Modern Architecture (20)
  • Architectural Sketches (10)
  • Construction and Elements eg. Windows, Roof, Balcony, Frame, Joining, Brick work, Anatomy etc (20)
  • Anything else you think is relevant – 60-70 images and a mix of the above would be perfect

Task 3: Architectural Theory

Read the documents on this post. They give you a fantastic overview of architectural and art theory that will allow you to annotate at a higher level. Architectural Theory and Key Terms


Task 4: Case Studies

Go to this post for all the information Case Studies


Task 5: Other bits

Some cool links